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Our Bestselling Pumps This Month?

At The Heating Warehouse we provide professional plumbing supplies for all of your heating and plumbing needs. In this feature, we will tell you about some of our most popular plumbing supplies, pumps for dirty water and freshwater pumps. Let us take a look at our two most popular pumps this month. Our Top Plumbing […]

REMS Tools … Fantastic Plumbing Supplies

REMS have been developing plumbing supplies since their foundation in 1909. These plumbing supplies include products for pipe working, especially for heating and sanitary installers. Initially they manufactured hand tools. As plumbing supplies became more advanced, they subsequently made electric power tools and machines as well. REMS founder Chrisitian Foll created the benchmark for the […]

Augusta Solar vacuum tubes AS 100 HP8, HP12 and HP16

A highly selective coating ensures optimal use of energy in diverse UK weather conditions. When looking for plumbing supplies in the UK, plumbers often choose this product, as the highly transparent borosilicate glass is less than 3mm thick and is shatter proof to hail. The resilient glass surface ensures reliable high light transmission. The smooth […]