Augusta Solar vacuum tubes AS 100 HP8, HP12 and HP16

A highly selective coating ensures optimal use of energy in diverse UK weather conditions.

When looking for plumbing supplies in the UK, plumbers often choose this product, as the highly transparent borosilicate glass is less than 3mm thick and is shatter proof to hail. The resilient glass surface ensures reliable high light transmission. The smooth surface and shape gives the tubes a self cleaning effect. All inner components are protected by the vacuum from weather and corrosive environments. It really is one of the best solar plumbing supplies systems in the UK right now.

Manufactured in Germany, the Augusta Solar Vacuum Tubes are a perfect solar system. These UK plumbing supplies save energy for your home and are up there with some of the highest efficiencies available in the UK today.

How These Plumbing Supplies Work:

The Augusta solar vacuum tubes are heated by the suns UV radiation. Around 90% of the available solar energy is absorbed by the tubes (which is great in the UK). This in turn indirectly transfers the heat from the bulb of the Augusta solar tube to the water and anti freeze in the solar pipe work. The heat in the solar pipework is pump down to the coil in the storage hot water cylinder where the water cools the solar fluid and this continues as long as there is a colar gain to be achieved and as long as there is a heat requirement for the stored water in the hot water cylinder.

  • This heated liquid from the collector is delivered to the hot water storage cylinder via a heat exchanger (generally a solar coil). The water is heated in the solar storage cylinder, cooling the solar fluid. The hot water can now be used for showers and baths.
  • The solar cylinder and solar collector temperatures are continuously being monitored by a solar controller. Only when the temperature on the solar collector is 6 degrees hotter than the bottom of the cylinder temperature will the pump come on and transfer heat from the solar collector to the water in the cylinder.

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